Be-Mobile was founded in 2006 by Jan Cools focusing on monitoring traffic congestion using connected vehicles. Today Be-Mobile operates its connected vehicle platform to offer solutions for electronic road user charging, smart city traffic management, fleet management, traveler information services and mobile payment for parking and public transport.

When truck road user charging was launched in Belgium in 2016, Be-Mobile developed a unique, high-performance road user charging platform in record time using the granularity and accuracy of its map matching activities. Since then, Be-Mobile has continued to develop its suite of services for toll chargers and account managers. These services allow toll chargers to determine their rates and immediately calculate their impact. They also enable account managers to offer additional value-added services beyond road user charging.

The same technology is now being rolled out to do the first congestion-based charging in a European city. This will result in fewer miles driven, more use of public transport, more distance traveled by bike and on foot and, most importantly, fewer hours in traffic jams.

Be-Mobile’s Road User Charging platform in combination with connected vehicles enables the collection of all required data from the vehicle itself and brings valuable information into the vehicle with V2X technology.

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