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Maureen Bock

Maureen Bock

Chief Innovation Officer, Oregon Department of Transportation
Maureen Bock is chief innovation officer at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) where she oversees staff developing solutions and policies in innovative areas, such as connected, automated, and electric vehicle deployment. She also oversees staff developing public-private partnerships and the incubation of new business lines, such as OReGO, to an early stage of maturity so they can be moved to other parts of the agency with minimal disruption. As OReGO program manager, Maureen leads the initiative toward a sustainable funding solution. Formerly fuels tax manager with ODOT, where she worked on Oregon’s first road usage charge pilot, Maureen left ODOT in 2011 to work with the Oregon Department of Energy, where she redesigned its tax credit programs including those affecting transportation. Maureen returned to ODOT in 2014 to become road usage charge business implementation manager, designing and implementing the business processes and systems that support the collection of road usage charges. She continues to lead refinements of the program, including recent efforts to evolve the point-of-sale enrolment process and demonstrating the feasibility of having a local option road usage charge program for cities and counties.